Russen gegen Putins System. Eine kämpferische Künstlerin
by Roman Schell
with author's illustrations
Hoerspiel und Feature

Responsibility for Ukraine from Georgia. Interview with Russian artist

by Diana Shanaeva

The circle is closed| Alisa Yoffe - Russian artist from Moscow
by Tamuna Chkareuli
Indigo magazine

Backpack and abandoned surface - interview with anti-Putin artist Alice Yoffe
by Oto Jangavadze
Video version

Go for a walk with Alisa Yoffe around Electrozavod and Bumazhnaya fabrika. Talk about healthy food, punk and Comme Des Garçons
The Village Moscow

Artist Alisa Yoffe portraiting Russian activism including protest after Navalny arrest
by Ricardia Bramley and Anja Prinz
Sleek Magazine #68, online short version
Sleek Magazine #68, full text of interview

Alisa Bagdonaite and Alisa Yoffe: 'The first time there was an artist on this territory as a full-fledged inhabitant of this place'
by Alisa Bagdonaite
Art magazine 'Iskusstvo'

#Art into a hat. Interview with Alisa Yoffe
by Olga Seryogina
Cabinet de l'Art

Alisa Yoffe: I perceive the painting like objects
by Olga Kabanova
The Art Newspaper Russia

Alisa Yoffe: I'm officially naked
by Maria Laskina

Art is sex
by Evgueniya Zubchenko

Alisa Yoffe: Any art-movements is a cliche
by Roman Golotvin
Open Nizhny

Alisa Yoffe about her show "What the Address" at FUTURO gallery
by Anastasiya Biryukova
The Village

A black grease stain
by Anastasiya Bazileva
Sobaka magazine

My life is a happening. There is you, there is an exhibition
by Valery Ledenyov
s7 magazine

All girl the the front!
by Tanne Gielen

Alisa Yoffe
by Danny Berkovsky and Pavel Chugunov

Alisa Yoffe: I'm not provocator, but art-terrorist
by Ekaterina Frolova
Magazine 365

Artist Alisa Yoffe tells about her favorite music influenced on her works
by Yulia Grachikova
Artguide (saved version)

No offense. Alisa Yoffe about her show "Sous les pavés, la plage!"
by Evgueniya Zubchenko

What is around: Alisa Yoffe's installation "Sous les pavés, la plage!"
Cosmoscow Mag

Art has not final goal, that is why it attracts those have satisfied their basic biological needs.
by Zlata Liman
The WALL magazine

Magazine AMARTA
With clear page
art name/@work

Marie Claire magazine
"Fire inside": artists about stereotypes and woman's beauty #foryulya
by Nastya Oskolkova
Flacon magazine
COSMOSCOW Art Fair: how was it
by Polina Koroteeva
FORMA festival's curators: "Our utopia is unattainable. That's why we go to it"
by Irina Shulzhenko
Collective actions: young russian artists about Andrey Monastyrsky
by Olga Danilkina
Look at me
What to wear at vernissage
by Marina Prokhorova