Painterly punk Alisa Yoffe
by Ariadne Arendt
The Russian Art Focus

Suprematic art by Alisa Yoffe
by Olga Bozhko

'Taman Diary' by Alisa Yoffe
by Alina Streltsova
Art magazine 'Iskusstvo'

Guide to survival: self-isolation
Comics by Alisa Yoffe
The Blueprint

"What's the Address?" how to search for a place and / or as a place to search: about Alisa Yoffe's exhibition at Nizhny Novgorod
by Dmitry Shatalov-Davyidov

Nomadic movement in the rococo hall
by Sergey Khachaturov

The evolution of insolvency
by Anton Nikolaev
Magazine Dialogue of art
Broad version of articles from the catalogue Mediaimpact: Activist art now. II

Alisa Yoffe: Russische Punks als Abdruck des Universums
by Kerstin Kellermann
Magazine SKUG

Under the gallery - the nostalgy
by Valentin Dyakonov

Alisa Yoffe and Igor Mukhin: No muss
by Sergey Guskov

Guess the picture from the Tretyakov Gallery in the free copy by Alisa Yoffe
by Marina Antsiperova

How to survive at Tretyakov Gallery
by Alisa Yoffe

Artists paint for BURO: Alisa Yoffe
by Liza Otarashvily

by Mariya Laskina
From Openings of week 6-12 February

Alisa Yoffe
by Sasha Obuhova
Site of Garage Triennal of Russian Contemporary Art

An attitude of spirit: the most promising young Russian artists
by Anastasiya Zhokhova and Anastasiya Karpova

Paintess Alisa Yoffe was painting the picture at the opening of her exhibition
by Elizaveta Pereslavtseva
Russian Artists Searching for a New Identity in Georgia

Art Focus now
"This stupid bird on the passport is always demanding new blood". Interview with Arseniy Morozov (aka Arseniy Krestitel, aka Padla Bear Outfit) about the "music" during the war – and how he sang Ukrainian
No end in sight: artists and curators flee Russia and build new lives in exile as Ukraine war rages on
The Art Newspaper
"People are getting sentenced, and we don't know why." How Belarusian courts got rid of the publicity of the proceedings
100 LIVING Russian artists you should know
Russia Beyond
Fabrika – hub voor kunstenaars in Moskou
Jegens & Tevens
United by one hope, Russian artists paint "Doves of Peace". Look at this flock
In the 12th competition for the Demyan Bedny award is finally complete list of winners The Chronicle
Rober Lepazh in the National Theather and the first Russian Horrow Fest: afisha from 9 to 15 December
Forbes Russia
Shows of the week: Artguide's choice. December 2021
Art agenda
Beim Zeichnen kann man nicht schummeln
Aspekte von Handzeichnungen in der GALERIE MITTE
Top magazine Dresden
The Art Newspaper
June, 2021
Schlagstockmalerei in Sibirien
von Kerstin Holm
KARENINA Petersburger Dialog Online
The owners of 9B Gallery Geogy Smirnov and Elena Talyanskaya talk about gallery, street art and buildy in the Oktyabrskaya street
The Village Nizhny Novgorod
Der Sibirer malt auch mit dem Polizeiprügel
If it ain't dutch. it ain't much
Anna Brady: 'No one feels ambivalent towards Russia': Jo Vickery on leaving Sotheby's, launching her art advisory and looking beyond politics
The Art Newspaper
Mit Kunst gegen Gewalt und Willkür
FOCUS magazin №6 (2021)
Russian artists: who will be taken into the future?
Russian Art Focus – Issue 24 / In Focus
10 main young artists of Russia

Top-50 the most likely to succeed Russian Artists
The Art Newspaper Russia
Follow me! Russian art in Instagram
Russian Art Focus – Issue 18 / Discoveries
Vladimir Smirnov is abullient collector, and his silent partner
Russian Art Focus 18th issue
In the Chekist Town everything is not so clean
Vladimir Smirnov's interview
The Art Newspaper Russia
Blankets with drawings by Alisa Yoffe and more: Richter will release eight festive collections
Limited collection of fabrics and textiles designed by Alisa Yoffe
Architectural Digest Russia
About My Perversion Is the Belief in True Love

25 metriä punk-asennetta
by Seni Kuvaja
Newspaper 'Enemmän'
Performance for Cartier

Harper Bazaar
blazar fair: choice of designer Ilya Gul'yants
Magazine Elle Decoration
About 2th Garage Triennale of Contemporary art

"A Beautiful Night for All the People": How the second Triennial is arranged in the Garage. Exhibition without curators (almost)
The Village
About show Alisa Yoffe's Taman Diary

Russian art to see this month November
Russian Art Focus – Issue 24 / Also This Month
Le leader de la vodka transfère ses activités de mécénat dans le sud de la Russie (fr)
Le Quotidien de l'Art - Édition N°2055
Inner powers
A residence for contemporary artists opened in the Krasnodar region at the Golubitskoye winery
Posta Magazine
About residence at Richter art hotel

Week art-review 18.06 - 25.06.2020
Cabinet d'Art
Richter's Workshops: the space for life and creativity in the center of Moscow

AD magazine
About show What's the Address?

Shows of Russsian Art.
Russian Art Focus 15th issue
About show The Library

Best to see: Russian art in July
Russian Art Focus 09 Issue / Also This Month
About show What beauty is, I know not

Vater-Sohn-Ausstellung in Berlin. König gegen König
By Elke Buhr
MONOPOL magazine

Königstreffen in der Kirche
By Beate Scheder
About show All girls to the front!

HP/De Tijd magazine

vrij newspaper
About show Art in Action. Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art

"Gentle women": What worries contemporary Russian artists
by Ksyusha Petrova
Blide Kvinder: Hvad Bekymrer Nutidige Russiske Kunstnere
by Ksyusha Petrova

About show Inconvenient Questions: Contemporary Art from Russia

Tants kahe masinavärgi vahel
by Tanel Rander
About show Dis/oder

"Secret" Russian art brought to Germany
by Karina Merkureva
Deutsche Welle
About show Personal

Triennial of Contemporary Art
About show Tales of Two cities

Memories in a steel cabinet
by Hans Weigand
About show Punk-Fraction-2

10 Opening Exhibitions to Watch
About show Lost of Translation

Blogger's notes
by Clara Camp-Welch
Dialogue of Arts
About show Rebellion Mausoleum

Is it necessary to build something of your own or is it better to deal with what we have?
by Arseny Zhilyaev
Moscow Art Magazine
About show Apples fall in different gardens simultaneously

Apples fall in different gardens simultaneously
by Diana Manchulina

Vinezavod: "apples" and others
by Liya Adashevskaya
Dialogue of Arts
A guide to Russia's most promising young artists
Russian Art Focus – Issue 24 / In Focus
Adaptação da Arte em Tempos de Pandemia
Próxima Ideia
8 the most following young artists
The City
Price on request. How the art market will change
Art + Fashion in Russia
Merch: from Revolution to Penguin
by Andrey Parshikov
Dialogue of Arts
FORMA festival's musicians and artists praise themselves
by Artem Sokolov
Tomorrow I am not going to the polls and here is why. Criticism of the document in contemporary Russian art activism
by Michail Martyinov
From book "Art and revolution: a hundred years later: collection of articles"
Full text of book is here
Features of constructing the subject in "Blackout Poetry"
by Michail Martyinov
From book "The subject in contemporary Russian-language poetry: theory and practice"
Project of RBC Style and Objedidenie Freedom/Unfreedom
Austrian art figure about repair to European standards in constructivism and empty apartments
by Marina Antsiperova
by Marina Antsiperova
About DA!Moscow Art Fair
History of one community and tensegrity
Moscow Art Magazine

How does contemporary art for home collection cost?

The Village

For whom follow in this year: 11 russian artists and groups
Zwischen Widerstand und Accessoire der Superreichen

by Krsto Lazarević and Ute Zauft
About participation in Strabag Kunstforum Award
Strabag Kunstforum
About replenishment of the Tretyakov Gallery collection