The female image continues to be exploited by the cultural industry subordinated to the capitalist market system.

At the same time, male artists like Georg Baselitz, declare that the female artists do not pass the test of the market, and the market is always right. We can agree with the first one, since this market has the character of a men's club, where if women even enter, then only as an exception, minorities.

The sphere of modern art and the art market system are fundamentally deeply patriarchal and subject to rethinking and restructuring. Equal rights are impossible in the area where the rules of men are established and men's games are conducted.
Modern feminism, the so-called "third wave", accepting men into its membership, blurred the boundaries of male and female difference because of conventionality of gender identities, without solving the problem of discrimination against women. The result was the equating of feminists with "sex minorities", the preservation of the privileged position of men and the patriarchal society.

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All girls to the front!
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