Alisa Yoffe spent her residency traveling around the Taman peninsula. The paintess fixated images of Taman everyday life in digital sketches. «I'm painting everything», said Alisa while commenting on her work method during the acquaintance with winery staff. Her special attention is focused on historical meaning of the Taman peninsula.

Using painted fragments of her journey, Alisa combined an exposition named «Taman Diary» with reference to «Moscow Diary» by the philosopher Walter Benjamin.

With equally close attention she addresses both documents from the Mithridatic Wars and Bosporan Kingdom period and artifacts from the open-air museum of military equipment «Voyennaya Gorka», making sketches on a screen of her smartphone and reactualizing images of different time-lines in one space.

So that all the events of different eras unfold simultaneously as a newsfeed sequence of stories on social networks: «Machinery changes, but war remains», she says .

Alisa Yoffe: "In Golubytskoye I made paintings of artifacts, talked to guides and scientific workers from historical and archeological museums of Taman, Temryuk and Kerch. I found out that institutions and museum workers are open to collaboration with contemporary art – they have been following my posts on social networks, commenting and leaving likes. One day during my artistry a winery security guard visited my studio. While being interested in plasticity of my artistic language he told me he read Van Gogh's book «Ever Yours. The Essential Letters» and then admitted passion to his writings, showing sympathy to the artist's fate".
Inner powers
A residence for contemporary artists opened in the Krasnodar region at the Golubitskoye winery
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Aeroflot Slyle October 2020
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Left panorama
Photos by Olga Virich
Right panorama
Holidaymakers On Beach In Kuchugury Village Swim In The Sea of Azov 8 parts acrylic on canvas 400 х 200 cm
Visitors Of Open-Air Museum Of Military Equipment Take Pictures Of Their Daughter On a Tank 8 parts acrylic on canvas 400 х 200 cm
Woman Photographs Her Husband And Son In Front Of Rocket In Open-Air Museum Of Military Equipment In Town Of Temryuk. Children Run To a Tank acrylic on canvas 200 х 100 cm
In Lermontov Square In Taman, Woman Braids Hair of Girl With Smartphone acrylic on canvas 200 х 100 cm
Corridor Of Kuchugura Hotel Leads To Sea acrylic on canvas 200 х 100 cm
Evgeny Zhulay, Communications Officer At Phanagoria Research Centre, Demonstrates Head Of Young Man On Touch Screen, Against Backdrop Of Banner Depicting Artefacts Discovered In Phanagoria And Transferred To Hermitage Museum Collection acrylic on canvas 200 х 100 cm
Evgeny Zhulay Leads Tour To Archaeological Site Of Ancient Phanagoria's 'Upper City', Next To Which There Is Helipad acrylic on canvas 200 х 100 cm
Deputy Director Of Phanagoria Research Center, Sergey Ostapenko, Shows Miniature Copy Of Fragment Of Side Of Wooden Ship That Sank Off Coast Of Taman Bay In 1st Century BC acrylic on canvas 200 х 100 cm
View Of Crimean Bridge From Taman Peninsula. Painted En Route From Phanagoria To Panticapaeum acrylic on canvas 200 х 100 cm
Archaeologists Digging 13 Meter-Deep Settlement Of Hermonassa-Tmutarakan On Taman Bay Coast acrylic on canvas
200 х 100 cm
Taxi Driver On Temryuk-Kuchugury Highway acrylic on canvas 200 х 100 cm
Between Rows Of Grapevines At Golubitskoe Estate With Tractor Tracks Across Ploughed Soil acrylic on canvas
200 х 100 cm