In November 2019, the 9B Gallery invited artist Alisa Yoffe for a residency in Nizhny Novgorod. Alisa's work during the residency resulted in opening the exhibition «What's the Address?» in the FUTURO gallery.

Alisa Yoffe: «I continue my nomadic movement. Now - in Nizhny Novgorod. The FUTURO gallery resides in a XIX century mansion. Gallery hallway is blocked off with two paintings kind of crashing into each other with drawn BMW car images. The first painting depicts me as a driver, the second one - as a passenger. A visitor has little choice but to enter the white room. Windows in that room are barricaded with an image of a restaurant, which contains "The Gypsy" painting by Jacques Callot in the background. From that room a visitor proceeds into the main gallery hall with double glazed window row and marks of fire on the walls. The main hall installation consists of canvases of the same size. The first one is a transparent veil on truss stretch shapes. A deformed face is painted on it. The tarpaulin canvas is flattened out in the center of the hall. The Turkish carpet drawn on it is inspired by The Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin.

Roll bent in half, made of four tarpaulin canvases is hanging from the ceiling on suspension belts. From the main hall a visitor sees the second painting with me as a passenger».

The musical performance DIGITAL NOMADES took place at the opening of the exhibition, with the participation of academic and electronic musicians.

The project is supported by The.DOT.Home textile brand , SEC «Nebo» and «Imperiya Grez» cinema networks and Dream laser company.

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